Social Commerce

Social Commerce Boosts Your Ability to Build Customer Loyalty

Floating Numbers provides assistance to showcase user-generated content (UGC) to increase the conversion rate and forge profitable customer connections. What if you could meet your sales target while growing traffic to your website? With our social commerce, you can use social media networks in the framework of e-commerce transactions. You can increase your online reputation and business volume at the same time with the help of social commerce. 

Our Capabilities

We will create stunning landing pages filled with merchandisable UGC to increase traffic and conversation. Help you to connect with brand influencers and foster high-quality content creation for social media platforms. You can manage all UGC from Floating Numbers central, easy-to-use and customized dashboard. We also curate galleries filled with pre-vetted content from social media to gain insight into customer activity. Also, track conversations from UGC to get the desired return of investment.

How it Works

Receive Curated Content

Floating Numbers sorts through the masses of available UGC and curates galleries filled with pre-vetted content from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Content remains on brand, and your customer’s journey is consistent.

Categorize Content

Organize all content in Floating Numbers easy-to-use Social Hub dashboard. Content is automatically tagged with geolocation and is searchable within the Social Hub. You decide how to define each piece of content.

Create Conversation Opportunities

Floating Numbers creates beautiful landing pages filled with shoppable galleries of UGC. Customers can engage with posts to get more info, follow influencers and purchase items.

Measure Success

Floating Numbers reports the success rate of specific pieces of content, emerging trends across platforms and brands, and the ROI of your social efforts.