Social Customer Care

Social Customer Care Drives an Improved Brand Loyalty and Conversion Rate

Floating Numbers delivers rapid, consistent and authentic customer service online for 24x7 on-demands. Generally, consumers pose a more favourable view of brands, who respond to their queries or complaints swiftly on social media. With the rapid growth of social platforms, customers became much more friendly with social customer service, apart from the old options like customer service via phone or email.

Our Capabilities

  • We have a team of qualified, highly skilled specialists to ensure your clients have the most updated details on products and services.
  • Our high-quality social customer care service can help you grow your business scale by improving customer satisfaction.
  • We provide your customers with real-time information by using the best-in-class social listening technologies. So they can make their purchasing decision without any hesitation, with improved brand trust and loyalty.

Benefits of Our Social Customer Service

  • We execute your social customer service online with our trained human-powered team and updated technologies.
  • We identify your customer complaints and issues in social media to turn their perspective about your brand and drive greater overall customer satisfaction.
  • We will provide swift, respectful and specified responses to your customer’s queries and complaints on behalf of your brand.
  • We also craft efficient social customer service strategies to track your customer’s perception. Also, ask them how likely they are to promote your product or service.
  • We ultimately help you understand the customer’s behaviour and deliver new and improved products and services to your customers.