Social Media Content Moderation

Content Moderation Safeguards the Social Platforms from Upsetting and Offensive Content

Floating Numbers is a global leader in social media content moderation and management services. Our team consists of multilingual content and community specialists to work inside some of the largest online & social communities worldwide. We monitor, manage, moderate millions of social media conversations, comments, images, texts, audios and videos to save the social platforms from any explicit, offensive, or treacherous content. Our expert moderators will take care of your brand reputation online and provide safety from any cyber offence with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Importance of content moderation

People often share illegitimate content on social media to get viral. Like images and videos consists of nudity or pornography, hateful speech or expressions of racism, physical abuse, exploitation of minors. The illegal content posted on social media poses a severe danger to society and affects the freedom of expression. Our efficient team of content moderators thoroughly scrutinizes the images, texts, audios and videos posted on social media and removes the content that violates the community policies. We can't control social media, but we make sure to protect and secure your brand.

Our Capabilities

  • We are a social media content moderation organization providing service to the world's biggest social platforms. 
  • We are a global team of experts with 600+ people acting as the eyes and ears for your brand. 
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in online social media content moderation and worked with the world's largest online & social communities. 
  • We are prepared for any challenges to moderate the complicated nature of user-generated content on social platforms.        
  • Our team of community specialists provides a multi-lingual moderation service to cover every time zone. 

Benefits for You

  • We efficiently manage and moderate any user-generated social content posted online. That includes texts, images, audios, videos, comments and reviews. 
  • We are active for 27x7 and provide moderation services on weekends, off days, holidays. So you can get our swift assistance any time you want.
  • We use a combination of human power and artificial intelligence to achieve your desired results with your budget. 
  • We integrate seamlessly with any of your existing tools or platforms. If you want us to moderate content using your licensed or proprietary tools, we also have no problem.  
  • We will protect your brand from crisis management and help you implement the best practices with social media "business rules".
  • We create a safe social environment free of spam for your customers. So they can engage more with your social platform.