Social Media Research Support

Social Media Research is Very Important for Understanding the Customer Needs

Floating Number is an excellent resource for cleaning and “prepping” social media data so your analysts can dive into information that already meets their criteria. We will help you find posts from a specific period or based on a particular demographic trend or topic. For that purpose, we will bring our people-powered manual team to these kinds of challenges, and we get the job done successfully. Our expert social research support team will help you in business promotion and branding.

Cleaning and Prep Work

  • We set up queries and then sift through the resultant feeds.
  • We sort through all items to approve/reject them.
  • We accommodate for the variables and parameters set out by you.
  • We refine our queries over time, becoming more efficient.
  • We transfer these clean data feeds to you in the format you prefer to receive.

We provide More Advanced Research Support.

  • Once we have clean data, we can also sort it into categories or lists to provide more value to your analysts.
  • We can provide additional investigative support to research and drill down into Twitter accounts and content to determine demographics.
  • We can conduct some specific tasks to categorize, rank, sort or filter your data based on your proprietary or standardized research methodologies.
  • We can become strategic partners over time once we get to know your teams and methods. We also provide semi-dedicated teams for social research.